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The Home Project
Time for a new view from the window!
Running a business with the Company you can get a decent income right from the start.
Upon reaching a certain level of income, you can realize the dream of your own house or apartment. At first – mortgaged.
Corporate program – Siberian Wellness Home – will support your choice and help you go all the way to the approved mortgage application.

Plus, you'll get $10 000 as a bonus from the Company!

It'll be your first installment for an apartment, house, cottage – choose the property of your dreams!

Land lot for a house or a summer cottage dacha

Siberian Wellness Home:

150 Company's Consultants have already moved to new apartments and houses!

Габдрахманова Лилия

Дом для всей семьи.

Надежда Чирятьева

Переезд из небольшого городка в Санкт-Петербург.

Абрахманова Сатланат

2-х комнатная квартира для дочери!

Ирина и Владимир Пшенниковы

Могу себе позволить элитное жилье в Москве!

Светлана Кузнецова

Квартира для мамы!

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