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May 04

Siberian Health: a renewed price list!

Siberian Health has always cared and it will care about its Clients all over the world. We have changed the approach to the formation of base prices for the products due to high demands of the European Consultants.

Base prices have been changed in Germany since May 1, 2018.

For Consultants' convenience in calculations we rounded up base prices up to decimal place (i.e, product cost excluding VAT) and number of points coming from product purchase.

Prices including VAT will be actual, without being rounded, according to country VAT rates. The average changes in prices will be not more than 1-2%, in this case points' quantity from purchase of some products will change not more than 0.5-1%.

A renewed price list for Germany you can find and download here Please, note that prices in actual catalog will not change before the new catalog in country is published. We offer you to use a new printed version of price list, inserted in the catalog.

We hope, you understand these changes and correctly prepare your Clients and Consultants for them.